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Students at Kilmore Primary School learnt a new word today…


No, it’s not a typing error. It’s a word that we now all associate with things that we are grateful to have in our lives.

Hugh, from The Resilience Project, spent time with each year level talking about the secrets and strategies to being happy. Our Foundation to Grade 4 students heard about the importance of gratitude and kindness. Our Grade 5 & 6 students learnt about the benefits of gratitude, mindfulness and empathy.

Hugh shared stories about his time living and teaching in India. He spoke about a nine year old boy, Stunzen Sherap, who was always very happy. Hugh called him the happiest boy he has ever met.





Stunzen lives in India. One night Hugh found him ripping up a cardboard box to make a blanket and a pillow. Stunzen was getting ready to go to sleep in the gutter. However, he was very excited because he had found somewhere undercover to sleep. The same boy cut off the fronts of his shoes when his feet got too big for them. He was just happy to have shoes – even if his toes poked out the front.


Stunzen's School

Stunzen’s School


Stunzen had trouble saying the word ‘This’. Instead, he said ‘Dis’. Whenever he was happy or grateful for something he would point to it and say ‘Dis’. You can listen to Hugh tell the story in the video clip below.



Stunzen and his friends are very grateful for their playground

Stunzen and his friends are very grateful for their playground


Hugh issued us with the ‘24 Hour Dis Challenge’. Whenever we notice something we are grateful for, we have to point to it and say ‘Dis’. The playground and classrooms were buzzing with ‘Dis’ moments today.
There are so many things that we are lucky to have that we haven’t really ever stopped to think about. Hugh shared a story about the children at Stunzen’s school who had to collect water from a river, lug it back to school (about an hour), boil it and then finally drink it – four hours after they collected it. How lucky are we that we have taps and pipes and water just waiting for us?




Students in 5D & 5E shared their Alice in Wonderland inspired Wall of Gratitude with Hugh

In amongst Hugh’s advice were also a lot of funny stories – everything from hiding in a cupboard, nearly knocking himself out on a low door frame and meeting Hamish Blake. We also heard about some of the AFL and NRL teams Hugh works with and how the players practise gratitude and mindfulness.





People who notice the good things they have in their lives and who are kind are happier. So, next time you’re feeling a little glum, think of all the great things in your life and do a random act of kindness for someone.

We watched this clip today. Kindness is contagious!

Thank you for teaching us about ways we can make our minds happy, Hugh! Or should we say ‘Shoe’ or ‘Huge’?

What is your ‘Dis’ moment for today?


How do you show kindness towards others?



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