Introducing Asha!


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Asha is the newest member of Kilmore Primary School. He isn’t like any other member of our school community. He has four legs, a waggy tail, a tongue that likes to lick and a nose that sniffs out even the tiniest morsel of food. He is a dog!


Asha 3


Asha is our school therapy dog. He comes to school each day and spends time in different classrooms. During his first week at school he attended library classes, maths lessons and even learnt his first Spanish word – ‘el perro’. Can you guess what it might mean? Asha has also spent lots of time in the yard meeting new friends and doing some yard duty.



Asha met everyone at assembly for the first time.


Asha KPS Day 1

Learning about fractions was hard work!


Asha Library

Asha visited the library


Asha Playground

Asha on the F – 2 playground.


Asha Reading

Listening to a story in the library.



Helping Mrs Laffan do yard duty before school.


Asha is a 14 month old Labrador who was learning how to be a seeing eye dog. However, he has a small problem with one of his own eyes and was released from the program. We were on a waiting list and Asha’s trainers at SEDA (Seeing Eye Dogs Australia) thought he would be the perfect fit for our school. A pawfect match some may say!

Asha will write a report each week for the school newsletter. Here is his first one: Asha’s Adventures T2 W8


What do you love most about dogs?


What questions do you have about Asha?


What do you think Asha should do at school each day?



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