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Posting a comment is easy! Follow the three easy steps below to post a comment on our blog. Remember to read the guidelines at the bottom as well!

Step 1: Choose a post you would like to comment on. Click on the continue reading button.



Step 2: You will see comments written by other people. You may wish to reply to their comment. Click on the ‘reply’ button. Or, keep scrolling down the page.



Step 3: Fill in your first name, email address, the anti spam word and write your comment in the big box. When you’re done, press submit. Your comment won’t appear on the blog instantly because it has to be approved.

Everyone who visits and uses our blog is expected to follow the guidelines below. They have been created so that we can all be ‘cyber smart’ and stay safe online.

1. Only use your first name

2. Keep all other personal information a secret

3. Photos will not have names in the captions

4. Parents and family friends of students at Kilmore PS are asked to use their first name only or to call themselves ______’s Mum/Dad etc.

5. All comments added to our blog will be read by Miss Crowther before they are approved and appear on the blog. So, there may be a 12 – 24 hour delay before your comment can be read by the whole wide world.

6. Try to make sure you write a ‘quality’ comment. Quality comments have a beginning, middle and end. They relate to the post, contain information and often ask a question for us to answer. Some students from Beacy PS have some great tips!


Thank you for following these guidelines!

We can’t wait to read your comments 🙂

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