Team Challenges


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Last Friday we celebrated teamwork and persistence during our Team Challenges morning. As part of our Ready, Set, Go! start up program, students learnt about effective teams and their role within them, along with the benefits of having a growth mindset, especially when completing challenging tasks. As 1R discovered during the week, our brains are muscles and with the right mindset we can help them grow and become strong. Friday was time to put our learning to the test!

Teams of students ranging in age from Foundation to Grade 6 completed three different challenges. From puzzles to parachutes, rafts to running and everything in between, there was certainly something to challenge everyone.

Overheard from students….
“We can try to figure it out together!”
“Yeah! That could work!”
“Would you like to be my partner?”
“It was really hard the first time, but then it got easier.”
“That was the best morning but I’m so tired now!”
“I liked helping my Foundation buddy!”

Overheard from teachers….
“You all showed so much persistence! Well done!”
“What wonderful manners!”
“It was great seeing different year levels working together.”

Congratulations to all students for having a go at the challenges. We hope our parents and special guests also enjoyed them! Thank you to our teachers for organising a wide variety of tasks that were not only fun but also allowed students to practise using growth mindsets. Stay tuned for our whole school Growth Mindset challenge!

Introducing Asha!


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Asha is the newest member of Kilmore Primary School. He isn’t like any other member of our school community. He has four legs, a waggy tail, a tongue that likes to lick and a nose that sniffs out even the tiniest morsel of food. He is a dog!


Asha 3


Asha is our school therapy dog. He comes to school each day and spends time in different classrooms. During his first week at school he attended library classes, maths lessons and even learnt his first Spanish word – ‘el perro’. Can you guess what it might mean? Asha has also spent lots of time in the yard meeting new friends and doing some yard duty.



Asha met everyone at assembly for the first time.


Asha KPS Day 1

Learning about fractions was hard work!


Asha Library

Asha visited the library


Asha Playground

Asha on the F – 2 playground.


Asha Reading

Listening to a story in the library.



Helping Mrs Laffan do yard duty before school.


Asha is a 14 month old Labrador who was learning how to be a seeing eye dog. However, he has a small problem with one of his own eyes and was released from the program. We were on a waiting list and Asha’s trainers at SEDA (Seeing Eye Dogs Australia) thought he would be the perfect fit for our school. A pawfect match some may say!

Asha will write a report each week for the school newsletter. Here is his first one: Asha’s Adventures T2 W8


What do you love most about dogs?


What questions do you have about Asha?


What do you think Asha should do at school each day?





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Students at Kilmore Primary School learnt a new word today…


No, it’s not a typing error. It’s a word that we now all associate with things that we are grateful to have in our lives.

Hugh, from The Resilience Project, spent time with each year level talking about the secrets and strategies to being happy. Our Foundation to Grade 4 students heard about the importance of gratitude and kindness. Our Grade 5 & 6 students learnt about the benefits of gratitude, mindfulness and empathy.

Hugh shared stories about his time living and teaching in India. He spoke about a nine year old boy, Stunzen Sherap, who was always very happy. Hugh called him the happiest boy he has ever met.





Stunzen lives in India. One night Hugh found him ripping up a cardboard box to make a blanket and a pillow. Stunzen was getting ready to go to sleep in the gutter. However, he was very excited because he had found somewhere undercover to sleep. The same boy cut off the fronts of his shoes when his feet got too big for them. He was just happy to have shoes – even if his toes poked out the front.


Stunzen's School

Stunzen’s School


Stunzen had trouble saying the word ‘This’. Instead, he said ‘Dis’. Whenever he was happy or grateful for something he would point to it and say ‘Dis’. You can listen to Hugh tell the story in the video clip below.



Stunzen and his friends are very grateful for their playground

Stunzen and his friends are very grateful for their playground


Hugh issued us with the ‘24 Hour Dis Challenge’. Whenever we notice something we are grateful for, we have to point to it and say ‘Dis’. The playground and classrooms were buzzing with ‘Dis’ moments today.
There are so many things that we are lucky to have that we haven’t really ever stopped to think about. Hugh shared a story about the children at Stunzen’s school who had to collect water from a river, lug it back to school (about an hour), boil it and then finally drink it – four hours after they collected it. How lucky are we that we have taps and pipes and water just waiting for us?




Students in 5D & 5E shared their Alice in Wonderland inspired Wall of Gratitude with Hugh

In amongst Hugh’s advice were also a lot of funny stories – everything from hiding in a cupboard, nearly knocking himself out on a low door frame and meeting Hamish Blake. We also heard about some of the AFL and NRL teams Hugh works with and how the players practise gratitude and mindfulness.





People who notice the good things they have in their lives and who are kind are happier. So, next time you’re feeling a little glum, think of all the great things in your life and do a random act of kindness for someone.

We watched this clip today. Kindness is contagious!

Thank you for teaching us about ways we can make our minds happy, Hugh! Or should we say ‘Shoe’ or ‘Huge’?

What is your ‘Dis’ moment for today?


How do you show kindness towards others?





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On Friday we held a special assembly at Kilmore Primary School, as did hundreds of other schools around Australia. Why? To commemorate ANZAC Day.






Our School and Deputy Captains also represented KPS at another assembly in the local community.


ANZAC Day is a national holiday in Australia. It is the day, above other days, that we remember the men and women who died or suffered in war time.

ANZAC Day is 25th April as that is the day Australian and New Zealand troops landed at Gallipoli in 1915.  The battle lasted eight months and thousands of men were killed or injured.

Our School and Deputy Captains led the assembly.

You can learn more about ANZAC Day by watching the video clips below. Click HERE to learn about the ceremony.






What makes ANZAC Day an important day?


Take a Stand, Lend a Hand!


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Capture 3


The sixth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence was held today all around Australia. We had a special assembly at Kilmore PS and completed some activities to help us all remember that there is no place for bullies in our world.

The annual day is Australia’s key anti-bullying event for schools and encourages all students to ‘take a stand together’ against bullying and violence in schools, the classroom and beyond. Click HERE to read more on the official ‘Bullying No Way’ website.

Our SRC representatives and Mrs McCarthy delivered a special message at assembly.




T is for  Tell someone if you know something is not right

A is for   All stick together, don’t join in with someone who is being unkind.

K is for Kindness is catching. I’ll be kind to you, you be kind to me.

E is for Everybody feeling safe


A is for Always help your friends


S is for Speak in a friendly voice and say the right words

T is for Take a stand and lend a hand

A is for Ask someone for help

N is for Never be a bully, if you are a bully you will not have any good friends

D is for Do the right thing and don’t be a bystander


Capture 2


Every student in the school contributed to a class set of no bullying bunting. These are on display at the office. Click HERE to make your own bunting.


Capture 4


Together, we can make sure that Kilmore PS is a happy and safe place for everyone.




How do you say ‘No’ to bullying?


What tips do you have for us to make sure Australian schools are bully free zones?



This Little Piggy Went to…the Bank!


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Are you saving up for something special? Imagine if you saved $2 every week of the school year. At the end of the year you would have $80. If you saved $5 every week you could have $200 waiting for you in your bank account! Imagine if you were able to deposit $10 each week. A whopping $400 would be yours at the end of the year.


A student in Foundation who saved $2 a week every week of the school year for their whole seven years at primary school would have a healthy $560 in their bank account…and that is before interest.


Full piggy


Kilmore Primary School participates in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s School Banking Program. The aim of the program is to teach young Australians the importance of saving and lifelong money skills. It’s been around since 1931.


Kristy is our school banking fairy. She has two daughters at KPS and enjoys helping out at the school and one of the ways she does this is by processing the student banking each week. Each week students can bring their little yellow bank books to school with some money and Kristy will make sure it is deposited into their savings account.
Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Kristy started doing KPS’s school banking in 2015. Before that, she did it for about four years at her son’s primary school in Thomastown.


Kristy thinks it’s great for children to learn about money and to adopt healthy saving habits. She also thinks it’s great to see them get excited about the rewards that are offered through the school banking program. Did you know that KPS benefits from school banking because the Commonwealth Bank actually pays the school a commission for using their program. This commission goes towards improving the school for everyone.


Click on the links below for more information about school banking.




If you live in Australia you can join the school banking program. If you go to KPS, contact the office for more information.


What are your tips for saving money?


Are you saving up for something special? Tell us about it?


Why is it important to learn about money at school?


Parent Information Evening


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Last night Kilmore Primary School’s alarm didn’t go on until after 8:30pm! The reason? It was a special ‘Parent Information Evening’ and ‘Open Classroom’ night.

Parents and students filled the school hall to hear our principal, Mrs Laffan, speak about our curriculum and 2016. Click HERE to read the handouts from Mrs Laffan’s presentation. After her presentation, students shared their classrooms with their parents.











We enjoyed sharing our school and work with our parents.


What did you like hearing about or seeing at the Information Night?


What do you think makes a great school?

Ready, Set, Go!


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This is the name of the special program all classes participated in at the start of the year. It is designed so that classes:

* Create classroom processes, routines and expectations

* Develop teamwork skills and strategies

* Get to know each other

* Are ready to make the most of all learning opportunities throughout the year

An example of an ‘End of the Day’ process


We enjoyed completing different activities including making a totem using our name.




To make your own name totem, follow these steps:

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half lengthways. We used white A4.
  2. Write your name in large letters on one half. You must write as close as you can to the folded edge.
  3. Hold your piece of paper up to the light so you are looking at the blank half of your paper. We used a glass door and windows.
  4. Trace your name onto the blank side.
  5. Open up your piece of paper and decorate your totem!


To get to know each other, some classes made ‘Whooo Am I?’ owls from this cool website.  You can make your own if you click on the link because the kind people Lakeshore Learning have uploaded the templates.

Grade 2J had a hoot making their owls.

Grade 2J had a hoot making their owls.


On Friday we had our ‘Ready, Set, Celebrate!’ Day. It was a full day with:

* A quiz run by the school captains over the PA system

* Open classrooms where family members could visit

* A scavenger hunt

* Whole school assembly where all classes shared their motto and a representative shared a highlight on behalf of their grade


Each class thought of a question for the Trivia Quiz. You can play along at home by clicking on the image below.



Trivia Quiz

Students worked in small teams in their classroom to answer the questions


School Captains

The School Captains asked the questions from the ICT Room using the phone (which is also the PA loud speaker system)


Later in the day we worked in mixed class teams of three to find the answers to 25 questions around the school when we completed a Scavenger Hunt.


Scavenger Hunt 2


The questions and answers are below.



What was your favourite part of the Ready, Set, Go program?


What do you think was the most important part of the program?


What are you looking forward to learning about in 2016?

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