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We’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, but all that is about to change!

We are participating in a project with Mrs Monaghan’s school in England, Mrs Yollis’ class in America and Mr Webb’s class in New Zealand.

The project will help us learn about what it is like to live in another country and we will be teaching our global friends about Australia. Each class/school has an animal that spends time at each school. We take photos of the animal doing different things and share them with each other.

Kilmore’s animal is ‘Koala Lou’. We chose her because she is native to Australia. She gets her name from a Mem Fox book.



Koala Lou stepped back in time on an excursion with our Grade 1/2 students.



Enjoying some late afternoon sun before packing her bags for her first international flight.



Koala Lou snuggled into a temporary home for her trip to England. First stop – Mrs Monaghan.


What should we show our Global Pal visitors when they arrive?


What would you like to learn about England, America and New Zealand?

Flat Stanley on Tour in Kilmore!


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Our regular blog readers will know that we are in the middle of a project with Mrs Monaghan and her class at Middleham Primary School in England. Earlier in the term we sent our flat selves to England and received flat friends. Read more about it HEREHERE, HERE and HERE.

We took some of our flat friends on a tour of Kilmore PS and made the video below.


Our friends in Middleham took our flat people on a tour of their town and made the amazing video below for us. We learnt a lot about their town from the information and pictures in the video.

If we went on a tour of Kilmore township, what should we show our Flat Friends?


What did you like most about the video tour of Middleham?



We’ve Got Mail!


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Our regular blog readers will know that we are currently doing a Flat Stanley project with Middleham Primary School in England.

Last week there was much excitement at both schools because the flat friends arrived. Middleham Primary School made us a super video showing us around their school.



We are currently looking after our flat visitors, taking them everywhere we go and showing them what life is like in our part of the world. Stay tuned for our video for Middleham – we just have to put the finishing touches on it and then we will upload it here.



We think our flat friends were happy to be out of the envelope


We loved the ‘supplies’ they packed for the journey! There were crisps (chips to us), a blanket, coke, toys and many more essentials for the journey from England and Australia. It took approximately two weeks for them to arrive – lucky they were prepared!





Meeting our flat friends and reading their letters



Every flat visitor brought a letter with them introducing themselves and explaining how they became flat.


Click HERE to read the letters our flat friends brought with them. One of our flat visitors wanted to see dolphins. Wish granted!

Flat Person

What do you think we should show our flat visitors during their time in Australia?

Flat Friends


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Some students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 are participating in the Flat Stanley project with a class in England. We have teamed up with Mrs Monaghan and A Room with A View.

The novel Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown, is about a little boy who is flattened by a bulletin board.  He soon discovers that there are many perks to being flat, including being able to travel cheaply and easily around the world.



In Term 1 we created our flat people. They are named after ourselves. For example, Tom is Flat Tom.



Some of our flat selves ready to fly to England.



Each flat person has written a letter introducing themselves and explaining how they became flat.






All set for take off. Not what you would call first class!


Our flat people have set off on their journey to England and should be landing any day now. We wonder what they will do whilst they stay in Middleham. Will they get to go to the castle? Play English football? Eat a Yorkshire pudding?

Whilst the flat people are visiting their new friends, photos will be taken, diaries kept and a special something created to document their journey. We will be learning how to use a program called PhotoStory to share our adventures with A Room with A View. Here’s an example of someone’s PhotoStory which was made during a previous Flat Stanley project.


We are all looking forward to meeting our new flat friends who are travelling all the way from the other side of the world.  Click HERE to read Mrs Monaghan’s blog post about our Flat Stanley project and creation of edible flat people!


What do you think we should show our flat friends from England?


What do you think would be the best thing about being flat?


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