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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Whole School Event | Posted on February 14, 2017

Last Friday we celebrated teamwork and persistence during our Team Challenges morning. As part of our Ready, Set, Go! start up program, students learnt about effective teams and their role within them, along with the benefits of having a growth mindset, especially when completing challenging tasks. As 1R discovered during the week, our brains are muscles and with the right mindset we can help them grow and become strong. Friday was time to put our learning to the test!

Teams of students ranging in age from Foundation to Grade 6 completed three different challenges. From puzzles to parachutes, rafts to running and everything in between, there was certainly something to challenge everyone.

Overheard from students….
“We can try to figure it out together!”
“Yeah! That could work!”
“Would you like to be my partner?”
“It was really hard the first time, but then it got easier.”
“That was the best morning but I’m so tired now!”
“I liked helping my Foundation buddy!”

Overheard from teachers….
“You all showed so much persistence! Well done!”
“What wonderful manners!”
“It was great seeing different year levels working together.”

Congratulations to all students for having a go at the challenges. We hope our parents and special guests also enjoyed them! Thank you to our teachers for organising a wide variety of tasks that were not only fun but also allowed students to practise using growth mindsets. Stay tuned for our whole school Growth Mindset challenge!

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