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We’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front, but all that is about to change!

We are participating in a project with Mrs Monaghan’s school in England, Mrs Yollis’ class in America and Mr Webb’s class in New Zealand.

The project will help us learn about what it is like to live in another country and we will be teaching our global friends about Australia. Each class/school has an animal that spends time at each school. We take photos of the animal doing different things and share them with each other.

Kilmore’s animal is ‘Koala Lou’. We chose her because she is native to Australia. She gets her name from a Mem Fox book.



Koala Lou stepped back in time on an excursion with our Grade 1/2 students.



Enjoying some late afternoon sun before packing her bags for her first international flight.



Koala Lou snuggled into a temporary home for her trip to England. First stop – Mrs Monaghan.


What should we show our Global Pal visitors when they arrive?


What would you like to learn about England, America and New Zealand?

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I am very excited about this project. I hope Koala Lou has some amazing adventures. I think that you should take our visiting animals to the Leisure Centre and perhaps the skate park. The old Kilmore goal would be interesting as well. I hope that they get to visit different parts of the school including my office! I wonder how Asha will take to our visitors!

Hi Mrs Laffan,
I am excited about the project too. At the moment Koala Lou is in England and we have Liberty from America. Do you think Koala Lou will get too cold? Asha has seen Liberty but has not eaten her up. Which is good.
From Annabel

Hi Mrs Laffan,

Koala Lou is having a very good time in England. Liberty the eagle is having fun at Kilmore Primary
school. We are going to do photos of Liberty.

From Patrick

I was wondering where everyone was this year. We’ve also been very quiet.

We learn a lot from all of you as we read your blogs.

We like to see more about your culture. Places you go to eat, play sports, shop, have fun along with some things a typical family might do in a week.

Hi Roadrunners,

My name is Ruby from Grade 3 KPS and I live in Australia. Our animal is Lou the Koala but right now we have Liberty the Eagle, who do you have? I just wanted to say Liberty is having a great time at KPS and has managed not to be chewed up by Asha!

The sport/activity I do is taekwondo.

From Ruby

Hello Roadrunners!

I am Harry and I live in Australia. It is currently sunny and very hot. Yesterday, I did taekwondo and on Saturday my brother did basketball. While he was at basketball I played at the skate park.



I would like to know how a school day runs in New Zealand, America and England. Do the students have a day like ours from 8.45 to 3.10 each day?

Also, do the students learn things about Australia?

Ms J McCarthy

Hi Miss Crowther, Mrs Laffan and the children at Kilmore Primary School

What a great project to become involved with. Our class blog has also been very quiet this year. Our combined school blog has been quietly ticking along with two student editors.

I would like to know if the school day is longer or shorter than our Australian school day. Do they have more or less breaks in the day? Do they stay in one classroom for most of their lessons or move around to different classrooms?

Maybe there is a special park near your school that you could take your Global Pal visitors to see.

Mrs Smith

Dear Mrs Laffan,

Koala Lou looks like she is having a fun time in England. I met Liberty from America today and he is sitting on the bench top. He just met Asha and Asha didn’t eat him!
From Chelsea

Hi Ms McCarthy,

Koala Lou is having a good time in England and Liberty was just sitting with Asha.

From Jada

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