Flat Stanley on Tour in Kilmore!


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Our regular blog readers will know that we are in the middle of a project with Mrs Monaghan and her class at Middleham Primary School in England. Earlier in the term we sent our flat selves to England and received flat friends. Read more about it HEREHERE, HERE and HERE.

We took some of our flat friends on a tour of Kilmore PS and made the video below.


Our friends in Middleham took our flat people on a tour of their town and made the amazing video below for us. We learnt a lot about their town from the information and pictures in the video.

If we went on a tour of Kilmore township, what should we show our Flat Friends?


What did you like most about the video tour of Middleham?



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We enjoying seeing your new school Miss. Crowther. It is different from the old school.

How far is it to the beach? How many people live in Kilmore? Are there other schools there? How many kids in your class? We have between 20 – 25 in most of our classes. We also have about 900 students.

We learned a few weeks ago that it was still cold and snowing at Mrs. Monaghan’s school Do you get snow? It is getting hot here already with temperatures in the 80’s. We really like 70’s this time of year.

We were reading today about different libraries and how kids get books around the world. Do you have a school library/media center? Did you know that some books have to be walked in four miles to get to students? They also take books by big trucks, camels, elephants, and even bicycles so that kids can read. We decided we were lucky to have lots of books to read. We hope you have a lot. Some kids have to even get their books by mail and then send then back by mail.

Where is the favorite spot to take the Flat Friends from England? Do they like Vegemite? Most of us didn’t care for it.

Hello Mrs Todd & Roadrunners!

Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. Yes, Kilmore is a bit different to UPPS. Kilmore is more than twice the size of Upper Plenty – although not nearly as big as your school! There are approximately 400 students at KPS.

Yes, we have a library at Kilmore. In our video you get to see a little bit of it. I think it’s a big library for a school. We’re very lucky!

I’m not a fan of Vegemite. I like Marmite instead. Do you have Martmite in America? What is your favourite spread to put on bread/toast?

We hope you visit again!

Miss Crowther 🙂

Hello Mrs Todd,

Thank you for your comment. My name is Chloe and I am in Grade 5.

No, it is not snowing here at the moment. It has snowed here once though. Today it is around 20 degrees Celsius. Do you know what that is in Farenheit?

Is it true that your chees is orange?

Do you McDonald’s, Subway and Charcoal Chicken? I like McDonald’s the most out of them.

Chloe H

Hello Chloe,
We have both orange and white cheeses. American cheese is both. Cheddar is orange. Provolone is white, Mozzarella is white.

We have McDonald’s and Subway but not Charcoal Chicken. We do have Chick-Fil-A and Backyard Burgers, Five Guys (burgers), KFC and many others.

Chloe forgot this 68 degrees F. It is 84 F here now do you know what that is in Celsius? It will be 66 F tonight.

Hi Mrs Todd

Did you like the look of our school? I really enjoy learning and playing here. This school has a fun learning environment. In inquiry this term all the grades are getting to do experiments.

K.P.S has school values. Does your school that you teach at have values too? How many classes does your school have and in America is there a place called Luna Park?

Goodbye for a while,

Hi Mrs Todd,

I am just telling you that I appear in the tour of our school.
I really enjoyed being in our video.

What things are you learning about in your school? We are learning about the three states of matter in inquiry, which are solids, liquids and gases. In my math group we are learning about multiplying and dividing decimals. In writing we are doing narratives.

From Emmett

I like the videos because they are funny.

Hi 🙂

Did you learn about ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) Day?

We have camp in Term 4 aka Semester 2.

Hope you like my comment!

From Raidyn 🙂

My name is Keira-lee and I go to Kilmore Primary School. I am going to answer some of your questions.

Ok, the first one I am going to answer is if there are other schools in Kilmore. Yes, there are three other schools in Kilmore.

The second question I will answer is if Kilmore Primary School has a library. Yes, we do have a library and it is big with lots and lots of books.

Third question I will answer is how many people live in Kilmore. I don’t know, but there are lots and lots of people who live in Kilmore. I have a question for you. How many people live in America? Do you like it when people get guns easily in America? Do you have a KFC in America?

Hope you can answer some of my questions about America and that I have helped you with some of your questions that you had about Kilmore and Australia. I am happy if you have any more questions about Kilmore or our school to answer them for you.

Thank you so much.


Hello Keira-lee,
We do have a KFC that serves chicken but it’s not as popular here as Chick-Fil-A.

318.9 million (2014) America
9.944 million (2014) North Carolina the state we live in.
33,975 (2013) Monroe NC, The town our school is located in near Charlotte, NC. Fastest growing county.

We have 30 elementary schools, 10 middle (6-8th graders), 12 (9th- 12th graders== one is called Early College)

Hi everyone,

Great job making the video. I’ve never been in a video before. How did you get the guts to do it? I had to speak at assembly last year and I nearly exploded because I was so nervous.

Bye for now,
Brodie 🙂

Hi everyone,

Great job everyone! making the video. I’ve never been in a video.

How did you get the guts to make it?

From Bailey 🙂

To Mrs Todd,

Hi my name is Ben.

I go to Kilmore Primary School. How did you get the American dollar that you sent to Miss Crowther a few years ago?

Hope you have a nice day.

From Ben
Grade 4/5B

Hello, I am Ella and I go to KPS. I will answer some questions.

In Kilmore we have a play ground, skate park and shops. If you like horses there are some horse shops too!

Well, I loved all of Middleham!

Thank you so much!

Grade 4/5B

Hi everybody,

My name is Neisha and I go to Kilmore Primary School.
I love your video Mrs Monaghan. I really love your school. How is the weather for you guys? Hope the weather is good for you!

From Neisha 🙂

Hi everyone,

I like your videos. They are good because you showed us around the town.

Are your houses all made out of bricks?

From Jasper

Hi everyone

My name is Maddi and I hoped you liked our school and I hope the video was fun to watch as well and I like your school as well :).Do you have taekwondo at your school?

From Maddi 🙂


My name is Jade. I like your video Mrs Monaghan. It’s cool.

Lots of people showed friendship in the Flat Stanley video. What countries is England near to?

From Jade

Hi everyone ,

My name is Sabrina and I go to Kilmore Primary School . I hope you enjoyed our school tour.

Do you have Girl Guides there (WAGGGS)? Well, if you do I hope to do some work with you though girl guides/

From Sabrina:)

Hello everyone,

It looks like a lovely school and playground. I wish we had a playground like yours. We only have one playground that we all share.

We only have 48 people in our school. How many students do you have in your school? Also we have 2 classes, class 1 years are reception to year 2 and in our class we have years 3 to 6.

From Alaina

Dear Miss Crowther,

I really liked the video and I’m very jealous of the playground, especially the running track. Unfortunately I didn’t see my flat Stanley in the video. Was flat Cameron in there? I was wondering who has me because I hope their into sport too. Hopefully, I will have a comment back tomorrow when I get back to school.

From Cam

Hi everyone!

I really liked the video. I especially liked the effort that people put into making the video.

From Tara, 6W

Hi everyone,

I really enjoyed the video in U.K. I loved how all those students and teachers were kind and let us see their school. It looks like a great school and I hope this is not the last video you send!

Thank you and bye

Molly 🙂

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