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Students at Kilmore Primary School learnt a new word today…


No, it’s not a typing error. It’s a word that we now all associate with things that we are grateful to have in our lives.

Hugh, from The Resilience Project, spent time with each year level talking about the secrets and strategies to being happy. Our Foundation to Grade 4 students heard about the importance of gratitude and kindness. Our Grade 5 & 6 students learnt about the benefits of gratitude, mindfulness and empathy.

Hugh shared stories about his time living and teaching in India. He spoke about a nine year old boy, Stunzen Sherap, who was always very happy. Hugh called him the happiest boy he has ever met.





Stunzen lives in India. One night Hugh found him ripping up a cardboard box to make a blanket and a pillow. Stunzen was getting ready to go to sleep in the gutter. However, he was very excited because he had found somewhere undercover to sleep. The same boy cut off the fronts of his shoes when his feet got too big for them. He was just happy to have shoes – even if his toes poked out the front.


Stunzen's School

Stunzen’s School


Stunzen had trouble saying the word ‘This’. Instead, he said ‘Dis’. Whenever he was happy or grateful for something he would point to it and say ‘Dis’. You can listen to Hugh tell the story in the video clip below.



Stunzen and his friends are very grateful for their playground

Stunzen and his friends are very grateful for their playground


Hugh issued us with the ‘24 Hour Dis Challenge’. Whenever we notice something we are grateful for, we have to point to it and say ‘Dis’. The playground and classrooms were buzzing with ‘Dis’ moments today.
There are so many things that we are lucky to have that we haven’t really ever stopped to think about. Hugh shared a story about the children at Stunzen’s school who had to collect water from a river, lug it back to school (about an hour), boil it and then finally drink it – four hours after they collected it. How lucky are we that we have taps and pipes and water just waiting for us?




Students in 5D & 5E shared their Alice in Wonderland inspired Wall of Gratitude with Hugh

In amongst Hugh’s advice were also a lot of funny stories – everything from hiding in a cupboard, nearly knocking himself out on a low door frame and meeting Hamish Blake. We also heard about some of the AFL and NRL teams Hugh works with and how the players practise gratitude and mindfulness.





People who notice the good things they have in their lives and who are kind are happier. So, next time you’re feeling a little glum, think of all the great things in your life and do a random act of kindness for someone.

We watched this clip today. Kindness is contagious!

Thank you for teaching us about ways we can make our minds happy, Hugh! Or should we say ‘Shoe’ or ‘Huge’?

What is your ‘Dis’ moment for today?


How do you show kindness towards others?



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What a great experience our students had today. It was great to be with our grade 1 and 2 students as they learnt about the importance of gratitude and kindness. I am really looking forward to ‘The Resilience Project’ parent evening on the 19th May. If the staff and student presentations are an indication of what is to come it will be a fantastic night.

I am so looking forward to the Resilience project evening next week, myself and Jess both had tears pouring from our eyes as she explained the event and stories that were brought the the kids attention. She was so overwhelmed and said she felt it so hard to hold back the tears about the little boy with the broken back, it just break my heart. Well see you next week probably with my box of tissues.


It’s Chloe, Jess’s friend. I really loved your comment. I think it’s great that you posted on the Kilmore School blog.

I would like to hear more from you.

From Chloe

Hey Jess’s Mum,

I’m Sienna.How are you going?

It wasn’t only Jess that was about to cry. I got a little bit teary too. I got upset when Hugh told and showed me the picture of the man.

I really liked your comment. We were just looking at the comments and we saw the name Sharyn (Jess’s Mum).
It was really funny. Watch out if Megan finds out! You hid this from Jess for 7 days now.

When Hugh talked about the stories it made me think that I should look on the good side of things.

Thankyou for reading.


Hi Mum,

You surprised me when you put up that comment! Why didn’t you tell me?! I got upset when Hugh told us and showed us that story.

I really like how you posted something on our school blog. You should have put Megan’s name in because if she finds out, you’re in trouble!

Listening to this man made me think more about the good stuff than the bad. I loved how he shared some really good stories.

From Jess

Hi Sharyn

How are you going? It was nice of you to comment.

I felt so sad I was a little teary during Hugh’s talk. I know there were some sad parts but funny parts at the same time. I wish I could do something to help. ):

When I went to India I gave beggars money. I did not know about what the guy did. I feel so guilty now for doing it.

Listening to Hugh made me think about what is good in life not all the bad things.

I feel sorry for his sister.

Hope you are having a good time. Please reply.

From Isobel (:

My Dis moment for today was watching the excitement of so many children as they left the presentation today looking for and celebrating their dis moments! I even had a few children look at me and say ‘dis’ followed by a hug. How special!

I am so excited to be part of this program and watch as the culture of gratitude, mindfulness and empathy become entrenched at KPS.

‘Dis’ makes me smile!!
My girls were telling me about the special presentation that they had today and were very enthusiastic and excited to retell what they’d heard.

Hello Miss Crowther and KPS students,

It’s Olivia S, a previous student of Miss Crowther’s in 2014… I know it seems like a long time ago, but trust me it wasn’t!

It’s so great to hear that you are all loving Miss Crowther and her blogging. It’s even better to hear that you have been learning a lot of new words, including ‘dis’.

This week I have not done any school work! “Yay” because I have been at camp ‘Norval’ Lodge, Halls Gap, from Monday until today! It was so much fun. Some of the activities I did were high ropes, abseiling, hiking, canoeing, camping in tents for one night and a lot more fun games! In high ropes I overcame my fear of really high heights! Camp was really fun.

What grade are you guys in?
What camp are you going on this year?
How has term 2 been so far?
What are you looking forward to later on in the year?

Bye for now
Olivia S

Hi Olivia,

Great to hear from you! 🙂 Thanks for visiting our blog and leaving a comment. We appreciate it!

Lucky you going on camp for a week. I bet you were exhausted when you returned. Hope you were able to have a great big sleep in on Saturday morning. Last year we did some abseiling on camp too. It was the first primary school camp I’d been on that had an abseiling tree and a vertical challenge. Great fun but also great challenges! Terrific to hear you overcame your fear of heights on the high ropes course. Well done!

Hope you are enjoying school this week and not missing camp too much!

We hope you will visit our blog often and leave us some more wonderful comments.

Bye for now
Miss Crowther 🙂

Thanks for the wonderful response.

I still miss those conversations we had back in 2014!

School has been great so far this week however we have NAPLAN today, Wednesday and Thursday too and then on Friday we have our year 7 immunisation, ahhhh!

Where is your camp this year?
Do you have a personal email?

Bye for now,

Hello again!

You have a very busy week ahead of you. I think you will be very happy when Saturday arrives!

Our Grade 3 and 5 students started their NAPLAN tests today too. Just think of it as a quiz and an opportunity to show what you know. Try to think of all the good things about it so you enjoy it more!

Some of the teachers had a flu immunisation a couple of weeks ago. It must be the time of year for immunisations!

I think the Grade 3/4s are going to Phillip Island for camp and the 5/6s are off to Sovereign Hill.

Happy NAPLANing!

Miss Crowther 🙂

Hello Miss Crowther,

Yes, we have had a busy week because of NAPLAN but we are done with it now and we are all happy because it is finally finished!

What is your favourite camp to go to and why is it your favourite camp?

From Simeon


My name is Ben and I am from KPS. It is lots of fun here. I have lots of friends and how good was camp? Do you like to dance because I do dance class. What is good about your school?

From Ben


It is Mark. I really enjoyed you at The Resilience Project talk.

I have had a lot more DIS moments since you were here. One of my dis moments was when I got a new phone. I said to my mum and dad “Dis.”

You were very funny. I think you are very cool!!!!!!!!!

I was wondering what is your favourite footy team? Mine is Carlton.

Bye for now,


It’s Joey from KPS and I wanted to say I really enjoyed our resilience project talk. It was very fun, exciting and funny. I hope we do it next year.

From Joey

Thanks For Reading
By Joey DIS! 😀


I am Will.

Hugh, I love the stories you told. Did it feel nice to touch Hamish’s fist? That was really funny.

I told my parents to come to my bedroom and I said to them DIS!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing your stories with us. 🙂


Hello world!

My name is Haylee and I am a grade 5 student at Kilmore Primary School!

We have two different playgrounds – one for the juniors and one for the seniors. We have a big oval and a lot of classrooms. I enjoy being in a school with over 400 students! I think you would enjoy it as well. Everyone is friendly here at KPS 🙂

We have stuff like the first aid room and a nice office and a staffroom where the teachers get to eat their lunch! Our teachers enjoy the yummy lollies and gifts that our school provides. I hope they do, if they don’t load me up! I;m kidding! :P.

Not too long ago we had a Dis Day. And this is My Dis of the Day:
I’m grateful for everything and we have something called a dis/ gratitude wall. It’s on the topic of Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland is my teacher’s favourite Disney movie (I think :P)

My other ‘Dises’ for today are my teacher Miss Dennis for everything, NAPLAN which is what we have been doing this week like every other school in Australia. Thank you Miss Dennis!

Bye guys


My name is Kendall. I’m a student from Kilmore Primary School and I’m in Grade 5. My teacher’s name is Miss Dennis:)

I enjoy waking up every morning and love getting ready for school. My favourite subject is maths because I like solving problems!

My ‘Dis of the Day’ is probably seeing my friends because all the friends I have are so nice to me:)

In my classroom we share a class with 5G and we all made a gratitude wall. Do you want to guess what theme it is? It;s Alice and Wonderland.

Hugh, I think you were pretty entertaining and you were very FUNNY!!!!!!

From Kendall☼

Hello there,

My name is Lily and I’m in Grade 5 and I go to Kilmore Primary School!

Our school has an oval, two playgrounds, a lot of classrooms and amazing teachers. We have over 400 people at our school and we like to celebrate Christmas, Easter and Mothers/Fathers Day with our amazing teachers and friends.

There’re so many friends that help, do their work and love to make new friends. On Mothers/Fathers Day, all the mums run a shop so we can buy things for our mum or dad. Do you do something in your class for your mum and dad?

In our classroom we have an Alice in Wonderland theme and all the students in Grade 5 have helped to make it. We have mushrooms, tea pots, key locks and flowers that we can write on and we write what we are greatful for.

My dis for the day is my friends, school, my teacher Miss Dennis, my pets and the internet ;p. Everyone is happy at our school and I think that it;s a good place to learn.

By Lily

I liked this day

By Thomas


My name is Cadence and I am a grade 5. My class is 5D. I said “Hi” to you at the end of the day. My favourite colour is blue. I have four friends who are Haylee, Kendall, Sienna and Jess.

From Cadence


I really enjoyed the session, all the things that Hugh told us about India, and all their adventures.

Stunzen Sherap is the most resilient person ever I think. And it was amazing to hear how the poor boy got his back snapped and how he is still happy.

Hugh was also very funny. If I ever had an encounter with a celebrity, I would probably do what Hugh did, but not everything, just some.

I really enjoyed the session, it was great!

From Ethan.L, 4/5B.

Reading this is one of my ‘DIS’ moments for the day! What an amazing school you guys have and you are so lucky to have such great teachers working with you everyday!
Keep up the fantastic work guys – I am so excited to see what you do next!
Kati – The Resilience Project

Hi everyone,

I feel bad for Stunzen because he sleeps in the gutter. I want to bring him to Australia so he can sleep at my house and be warm. I’d like to give him whatever he desires.

Listening to Hugh talk made me think about how lucky I am.

From Brodie


I’m back! I still want to write more!

I so, so, so, so, so feel sorry for Stunzen. Stunzen, come to Australia and you could live at my house!

I’m grateful for being here. I hope you are enjoying where you are. If you’re not, come to Australia and live with me.

If you come to this school, I will have your back.

From Brodie A

Hi everyone,

‘Huge’ was funny and he made me feel like a king because all the Stunzens in the world are homeless and I have a home.

Now I say dis to everything like…
Friends and Family

From Carly

I liked the dis story, Hugh and all his stories.

Thanks Hugh for coming to speak to us!

By Bryony 6W

Hello everyone,

I liked listening to Hugh tell us about lots of things. It was good information.
Thanks to Hugh and all the teachers for letting Hugh speak to us

From Hayley 6W

Awesome stuff on this whole blog!

When Hugh came and told us about the guy that had a broken back I was wondering if we could do some more stuff like that as I found it interesting and fun!


My name is Aimee. Hugh was awesome. He was so funny, even when he met Hamish Blake! His stories were awesome and everyone should be happy.

From Aimee, 6B

Hi Sim,

I could sense everyone’s excitement about NAPLAN finishing today. I was impressed with how hard everyone worked to answer all the maths questions. I love maths (as you know) so I was most looking forward to seeing today’s test.

I’ve been on quite a few school camps over the year – about 15 of them. I have a few favourites. I like the city camp because you get to visit a lot of places. I also really enjoyed a camp in Queenscliff because it was near the beach and we got to ride bikes along the foreshore. Another favourite camp was going to Tasmania last year. That was very special! What about you?

Bye for now,
Miss Crowther 🙂

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