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On Friday we held a special assembly at Kilmore Primary School, as did hundreds of other schools around Australia. Why? To commemorate ANZAC Day.






Our School and Deputy Captains also represented KPS at another assembly in the local community.


ANZAC Day is a national holiday in Australia. It is the day, above other days, that we remember the men and women who died or suffered in war time.

ANZAC Day is 25th April as that is the day Australian and New Zealand troops landed at Gallipoli in 1915.  The battle lasted eight months and thousands of men were killed or injured.

Our School and Deputy Captains led the assembly.

You can learn more about ANZAC Day by watching the video clips below. Click HERE to learn about the ceremony.






What makes ANZAC Day an important day?


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ANZAC day is important to me because I have always been taught about the importance the battles that have been fought are in making Australia the country that it is today. I look at the news everyday and I am reminded of how our country might look if things were different. having a daughter in the army has given me a greater appreciation of the sacrifices that our armed service mean and women give in devoting their lives to the defence of our country.

I was very proud of our leadership students and the job they did in running our ANZAC service. I was also proud as I watched all of the students who were so respectful of the service.


My name is Joey from KPS.

I really enjoy ANZAC Day because it gives us a special moment to think about and thank the people who fought in the war to protect us and give us the country we have today. When we have our minute of silence I like to think about how the soldiers put their lives on the line to help us to be safe.

Bye for now,


My name is Matt.

ANZAC Day is a very special day for me because three of my relatives died on Gallipoli:-(

I wonder how long did it took for them to travel to Gallipoli from Australia?

Bye for now.



Hello, my name is Cameron.

ANZAC Day is a day to remember the people who went to war and fought for our country. 8000 people died on Gallipoli. I wonder how many people went to war?

Lest we forgot.

From Cameron.

Hi everyone,

I am Jack from Kilmore Primary School.

How do you do ANZAC Day because I would really like to know? Here at Kilmore Primary School we go out to the flag pole and we have a minute silence and a special assembly.

At Kilmore we made some poppies and on ANZAC Day we went out and put the poppies around the flag pole

From Jack, Kilmore Primary School 🙂

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