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The sixth National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence was held today all around Australia. We had a special assembly at Kilmore PS and completed some activities to help us all remember that there is no place for bullies in our world.

The annual day is Australia’s key anti-bullying event for schools and encourages all students to ‘take a stand together’ against bullying and violence in schools, the classroom and beyond. Click HERE to read more on the official ‘Bullying No Way’ website.

Our SRC representatives and Mrs McCarthy delivered a special message at assembly.




T is for  Tell someone if you know something is not right

A is for   All stick together, don’t join in with someone who is being unkind.

K is for Kindness is catching. I’ll be kind to you, you be kind to me.

E is for Everybody feeling safe


A is for Always help your friends


S is for Speak in a friendly voice and say the right words

T is for Take a stand and lend a hand

A is for Ask someone for help

N is for Never be a bully, if you are a bully you will not have any good friends

D is for Do the right thing and don’t be a bystander


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Every student in the school contributed to a class set of no bullying bunting. These are on display at the office. Click HERE to make your own bunting.


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Together, we can make sure that Kilmore PS is a happy and safe place for everyone.




How do you say ‘No’ to bullying?


What tips do you have for us to make sure Australian schools are bully free zones?



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Hey guys!

Saying no to bullying can be quite hard.
It is the right thing to do.

How do you guys say no to bullying? Do YOU do anything about bullying?

From: April 😉

Hey there my name is Zoe,

I think that we could help bullying by telling everyone that if anything goes wrong then they should stop being a bystander and tell the teachers right away.

People hurt or bully other people and nobody tells because they will think that the person or group will hurt them and that is not what we want to see here.

I think we all can help.

Thanks for listening,

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