This Little Piggy Went to…the Bank!


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Are you saving up for something special? Imagine if you saved $2 every week of the school year. At the end of the year you would have $80. If you saved $5 every week you could have $200 waiting for you in your bank account! Imagine if you were able to deposit $10 each week. A whopping $400 would be yours at the end of the year.


A student in Foundation who saved $2 a week every week of the school year for their whole seven years at primary school would have a healthy $560 in their bank account…and that is before interest.


Full piggy


Kilmore Primary School participates in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s School Banking Program. The aim of the program is to teach young Australians the importance of saving and lifelong money skills. It’s been around since 1931.


Kristy is our school banking fairy. She has two daughters at KPS and enjoys helping out at the school and one of the ways she does this is by processing the student banking each week. Each week students can bring their little yellow bank books to school with some money and Kristy will make sure it is deposited into their savings account.
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Kristy started doing KPS’s school banking in 2015. Before that, she did it for about four years at her son’s primary school in Thomastown.


Kristy thinks it’s great for children to learn about money and to adopt healthy saving habits. She also thinks it’s great to see them get excited about the rewards that are offered through the school banking program. Did you know that KPS benefits from school banking because the Commonwealth Bank actually pays the school a commission for using their program. This commission goes towards improving the school for everyone.


Click on the links below for more information about school banking.




If you live in Australia you can join the school banking program. If you go to KPS, contact the office for more information.


What are your tips for saving money?


Are you saving up for something special? Tell us about it?


Why is it important to learn about money at school?


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Well done to all the student bankers (& their parents too!)
This week we had the most bank books in the box that I’ve ever seen, in my 14 months as School Banking Co-ordinator @ KPS.
There were 55 in total. That’s a great effort.
We’ve had a few new people signing up every week so far this year, which has been great to see along with the long time regulars.

Hi everyone I’m Milla

Well done – your school looks amazing! I love your school it looks so cool to work in. It was built a long time ago. Our school was the 1874th school to be built in Australia.

You guys have a great landscape to live near but my question is what kind of food do you eat over there? Do you have Subway, McDonalds and KFC. Please reply.

Well I hope you have fun and you should visit our school one day because it would better than a video tour.

Bye :):):):):)


As some of you may and some of you may not know me, my name is Haylee. It’s above ^

So, how I save money? Well, if I get money for doing stuff like chores, cleaning, dishes and much more!!
When I get the money, I put it all in a small box and then I hide it. I try my best to forget about it and done, that’s how I save up my money.

What am I saving up money for?
I’m saving up for dressage lessons (horse). I may only be 10, but who cares, it’s only riding a horse, but harder

Why is it important for kids to learn about money at school? A lot of reasons!!
1. If they don’t learn about it in school, they may not learn it at all.
2. If they don’t learn about money at a young age they won’t know how money works!
3 It’s just easier because if you walk down to the shop you won’t know how much money you have

Thankyou for reading!

Kind regards,
Haylee ☼

Well done Haylee on your saving habits. I hope you enjoy your dressage lessons once you have saved up enough.
Thanks for sharing some good saving tips.

That’s no problem Kirsty! I really am excited!

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