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Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in Whole School Event | Posted on February 17, 2016

Last night Kilmore Primary School’s alarm didn’t go on until after 8:30pm! The reason? It was a special ‘Parent Information Evening’ and ‘Open Classroom’ night.

Parents and students filled the school hall to hear our principal, Mrs Laffan, speak about our curriculum and 2016. Click HERE to read the handouts from Mrs Laffan’s presentation. After her presentation, students shared their classrooms with their parents.











We enjoyed sharing our school and work with our parents.


What did you like hearing about or seeing at the Information Night?


What do you think makes a great school?

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It was great to see so many families come along to the Parent Info & Open Classroom Night.
Mrs.Laffan explained in detail what to expect with class time, acceptable/unacceptable behaviours and homework very clearly.
It was great.
Looking forward to a fantastic 2016 at KPS.

I really enjoyed meeting so many more parents. I think I talked for too long but everyone was very polite and seemed to listen well.

I think that great schools are made when students, parents and teachers work together to make sure that children achieve the best they can and become the best people they can. Great things happen when everyone is prepared to put in the hard yards, take risk and persist. Believing that the school can be great and putting in the effort to achieve greatness are keys to success. That what I think for what it is worth.

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