Six Hats


Posted by Miss Crowther | Posted in ICT | Posted on February 15, 2016

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A man named Edward de Bono developed a special way to think about things. His strategy is based on six different coloured hats. Each hat helps you to think about a topic/issue in a particular way.


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We used some of de Bone’s hats to think about ourselves and get to know our classmates. Using PowerPoint, we created slides and learnt how to:

*Format backgrounds

*Include hyperlinks

*Add animations

*Include transitions

*Use the snipping tool


We also practised:

*Inserting slides and textboxes

*Formatting the size and colour of our font

*Inserting ClipArt images


Below is an example of one our PowerPoints.

Wearing your Yellow Hat, please tell us about your favourite part of 2016 so far!


Do you think the Six Hats are a good tool to use to think about things? Why or why not?

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