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Welcome to Kilmore Primary School’s new blog!

We are looking forward to sharing our learning with the world through this blog. Stay tuned!

What would you like to see on our blog?



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Hello Miss Crowther!
Such exciting news! I see you have moved on to a new adventure and so has Mrs Placek. I hope we can work on some projects this year. I am teaching Grade 3/4 again.
Hope to talk to you soon.
From Miss Fraser (soon to be Mrs Hurley!)

Hello (soon to be) Mrs Hurley!

New schools, babies and weddings. It’s all happening in 2016!

Thanks for visiting our new blog. Great to hear from you!

I too hope that we can do some projects together this year. We will have to put our thinking caps on!

Take care,
Miss Crowther ๐Ÿ™‚

P.S: I think I may have used a tad too many !!!!! but it is all very exciting. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello New Blogging site and Ms. Crowther,
We look forward to learning more with you and your new adventures. Right now we are working on our agriculture around the world and feeding the world project. We would love to hear from you on our blog site about your area. We hope to published some of our projects at the end of the unit. Right now we have learned that there are similarities and differences in farms and farming around the world. We know importing and exporting are important to everyone so we get a diversity of foods. We have learned that you read food labels to see if the food is healthy.
Will you have another teacher joining you or less students?

Hello Mrs Todd,

Great to hear from you. Thanks for visiting our new blog and leaving us a comment.

I imagine agriculture around the world varies quite a bit. Kilmore has its own racetrack (for horses) so there are a lot of horses in the area.

To answer your question, I don’t have my own class in 2016. I work with seven grades for ICT (for one hour a week) and the whole school (18 grades) for Numeracy and Inquiry. To begin with, the school will share this blog.

Take care,
Miss Crowther ๐Ÿ™‚

Kilmore Primary School and welcome to the world of blogging. I’m sure you will enjoy writing posts, it’s a great way for your families to get involved and see what you get up to at school each day.
Have fun,
Kerry B

Just for you Miss Crowther, it is Kerry B as in Kaitlyn’s mum. I got this link from the last post on the UPPS blog.

Hi Kerry!

Thank you for your comment on KPS’s new blog. We hope that you will visit often and leave us some comments. Perhaps Kaitlyn will be able to visit and share some blogging advice too?

Take care,
Miss Crowther ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll be sure to mention the new blog to Kaitlyn.
Have loads of fun, blogging!

Hello Miss Crowther and KPS students,

I hope you have had a fantastic Term One, and that Miss Crowther has settled in well.

I think everyone at Kilmore should be grateful to have a lovely teacher (Miss Crowther) running the blog and keeping it up to date.

I remember when Miss Crowther introduced me to blogging. Her blog posts and comments have always been enjoyable, especially when she creates an interesting title. Everyone at Kilmore PS will enjoy the unusual, interesting and extremely creative headings.
I have been missing blogging and all the fun of talking to friends about what we have done at school that day or week. Maybe they should introduce blogs in secondary school!

I would like to share a couple of tips about blogging that I have been taught by Miss Crowther and other keen bloggers.
First of all, when you post something, try to link it to the post by answering the questions.
Another way to make things more interesting is to write a question or two at the end of your comment. Then when someone replies, it is the beginning of a new conversation.
My final tip to write a detailed comment is to remember to include a Greeting, Introduction, paragraphs (answering the questions and adding background information) and finally a closing.

How was your first term?

I look forward to reading all of the comments and about all of the fun things going on at KPS.

Bye for now,
From Kaitlyn.

Hello Kaitlyn,

Thank you for visiting our KPS blog and leaving us such a wonderful quality comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Terrific tips!

Blogging becomes quite addictive doesn’t it?! I’m sure there would be secondary schools with blogs. Perhaps you could do some research? Or, alternatively, you could reinstate your own blog that you created back in Grade 4. The topics you post about would no doubt be a little different as you are three years older, but the idea of blogging is the same.

Apart from no blogs, what are some of the other big differences between primary and secondary school? We are going to begin some of our transition visits in Term 2 in preparation for Year 7 in 2017. I wonder if ‘Sir Prize’ will visit again…

I hope that you will keep in touch via the blog and you are enjoying life at secondary school.

Miss Crowther ๐Ÿ™‚

Hello Miss Crowther,
Great to see you have a new blog! We shall add a link from ours. Perhaps we will be able to do some work together on the racing industry: as you know, Middleham has a very strong connection to horses and horse racing with a number of major racing stables located in and around the town. Looking forward to working with you again!
Mrs Monaghan & A Room with a View

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